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A WARM WELCOME to this site which is a home to ULTRATREX, a brand name of the amphibious excavators that we produce or manufacture here in Malaysia. We have a good range of amphibious excavators for sale customized with long reach front to suit our customer’s requirements.

ULTRATREX is also the distributor for the BELL Cutter Suction Pump from Holland which can be attached to the boom and arm of the excavator for better productivity and efficiency while at the same time minimize the operation cost at site. Please visit the Bell Dredging Pump product category and post on this website to have a better knowledge and understanding of the application of this revolutionary submersible dredging pump.

If you are looking for excavators that are able to assist you in excavation or dredging works in conditions that are swampy, marshy, wetland, soft terrain or shallow water, you have found the right partner to assist you. Because of the uniqueness of our excavators working in these types of conditions where the normal standard excavator is unable to work, our machine are often referred to as: swarm excavator, marsh excavator, swamp buggy, marsh buggy or amphibious excavator.

Because of the nature of the construction of the amphibious excavator that enable it to also float in water, our machine is also known to some of our customers as floating excavator or floating pontoon excavator. The amphibious undercarriage of the excavator is built with the finest steel material and all the compartments are completely sealed and pressurised to ensure the floating capabilities of the excavator is realised. Be rest assured that each process of the fabrication of the swamp buggy and excavator is done according to strict engineering specifications combined with the latest equipment technology.

Our manufacturing factory are able to build a wide range of marsh or swamp excavator for our customers ranging from 8 ton class to 40 ton class. We can also customize or modified the existing standard excavator that you already have by fabricating only the amphibious undercarriage or floating pontoons that are able to fit onto your excavator. Due to our many years of expertise and experience, we are able to retrofit the amphibious undercarriages to all brand types of standard excavator like Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, Volvo, Sumitomo, Doosan and Hyundai.

In addition, we also customize and fabricate long reach front (boom, arm and bucket) to the excavator to ensure that the reach of the excavator reaches its maximum capability. For a 20 ton marsh or swamp buggy, we can fabricate and fit a 50′ long reach with a 0.5 m3 bucket onto it.

The quality of our product and after sales service has already proven itself in the market with our distribution and supply network now reaches to countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Netherlands, Australia and even as far as South America and Nigeria!

Come and find out more about our latest information on our products and services in this website. Hope you enjoy browsing through this site and feel free to inquire about our products and services at any time.